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Serving New Hampshire and Massachusetts

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    Save Up To $700 On A New Regency Stove

    heating bills got you down?  armstrong hearth and home can help by saving you money on a high efficiency stove or fireplace by regency.  For a limited time you’ll get up to seven hundred dollars off regency stoves and fireplace inserts!  you won’t see savings like this again this year!

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    REQUEST SERVICE: 800-736-2706

    Save Up To $700 For A Limited Time Only!

    if you’ve done your research, you know that regency stoves stack up as the perfect balance of quality and price with their high efficiency ratings and bulletproof steel construction.  you can spend more…but you probably don’t need to!  well-designed fireplace inserts can be connected to a thermostat for a separate heat zone, and the manual start will work even in a power outage.   regency stoves deliver up to 85 percent efficiency, making them one of the highest rated stoves on the market today.   epa certified regency pellet stoves are so efficient you don’t even need a chimney. 

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    Save Up To $700 On A New Regency Stove

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