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    Determining The Best Heat Source For Your Home

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    When a homeowner is faced with replacing their heating structure it’s often because of a problem with their existing system, and many choose to stay with what they know. But, with so many heating options, you could be missing out on an upgrade that will benefit both your home and your quality of life. A variety of options could be available for you to heat your home, including: natural gas, electricity, solarpower, propane/oil and wool or pellet heaters.

     Pellet/Wood: If your goal is to save money, a wood or pellet-burning stove is a great option. These appliances are clean burning, efficient and can heat many average-sized homes. Installing a wood or pellet-burning stove may require minor to major home renovations depending on your existing framework.

    Gas: If your home is setup for natural gas this energy source can be a good option for you because the cost has steadily declined over the last decade and most natural gas appliances work even when the electricity is out. However, if there is not an existing framework in place obtaining natural gas can be costly.

    Propane/Oil: Heating your home with propane or oil can often be the most costly option. However, compared to a wood stove the heat from the unit is more efficient and the room will warm up immediately.

    The team at Armstrong is happy to work with each of our customers to find the best option and the Federal government is happy to help too. Federal tax credits are available for energy efficient heating systems. You can learn more about these tax credits here.

    We understand how important heating is to you. When you are heating your home for at least half of the year it’s very important to choose the best option. Contact us to go over these options in respect to your home. 


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