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    How To Best Store Wood Pellets

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    For homeowners who use pellet heaters, purchasing pellets (often in bulk) is something you do on a regular basis. When making such a sizeable purchase it’s important to properly store the wood pellet so you don’t get caught in the cold.

    Indoor Storage:

    Because pellets are extremely susceptive to moisture, it is best to keep them indoors if possible.

    We recommend storing pellet in the garage or basement. Pellet may release carbon monoxide when stored in a warm area so the cooler the location the better. If you are storing them in an area that is often used we recommend installing a CO detector to be on the safe side.

    Outdoor Storage:

    It’s best to store pellets indoors, but if that’s not an option there are still ways to store pellet outdoors that will keep them in prime condition.

    The first step is to be diligent when your pellets are delivered and cover any holes with waterproof tape to prevent any moisture entering the bag. Make sure to keep the on their pallets, shrink wrapped and then covered to prevent any moisture from entering the bags. 

    Even with proper storage techniques, your pellets could still go to waste if not inserted to the stove correctly. Pellets should be poured into a container separate from your stove and you should never dump pellets from the bag directly into your stove.  A scoop should always be used to transfer pellets into your stove.  The reason for this is to prevent “fines” or pellet dust from entering the stove that could clog the auger.

    We hope these storage tips help to keep your pellet stove running smoothly, but remember, your pellet stove requires routine maintenance to keep it at peak operating condition. Schedule a preventative maintenance appointment here.  

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