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    Bath Exhaust Cleaning

    Although a bathroom is not usually a dusty environment and bath exhaust fans aren’t frequently blocked with typical contaminants, a bath exhaust fan can become inefficient if birds or animals are nesting in the ductwork.

    An Armstrong bath exhaust cleaning includes a digitial report containing system conditons with before and after pictures.  This way you can see what we removed and get a feel for the value of our cleaning 

    Contact Armstrong Hearth & Home or call us at 1-603-627-7016 or 1-617-651-1937 to make an appointment or learn more about our Bath Exhaust Fan Cleaning Service.

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    REQUEST SERVICE: 800-736-2706

    optimizing your bath exhaust fan system

    Bath exhaust systems typically are not powerful, but cleaning a bath exhaust duct — including making sure it is free of obstructions — helps ensure the bath fan can operate at its maximum performance level. This allows the system to efficiently remove moisture and odors from the bathroom.

    Armstrong Hearth & Home duct cleaning technicians can clean your home’s bath exhaust ducts to ensure the system is operating optimally.

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    Bath Exhaust Cleaning

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