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    Chimney Repairs and Lining

    Experience Unmatched Chimney Care with Armstrong Hearth & Home in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Our expertise in chimney repair and restoration extends to every aspect of your chimney's health, ensuring it withstands the harsh New England weather. From meticulously repairing deteriorated crowns with our innovative ChimneySaver Water Repellent to expertly sealing and rebuilding chimney flashing with FlashSeal, we provide comprehensive solutions for all your chimney needs. Relining your chimney with our top-of-the-line titanium blend stainless steel liners not only guarantees safety but also comes with a lifetime warranty, ensuring peace of mind. Understanding the vulnerabilities of older clay-lined chimneys and the requirements of modern heating appliances, we offer tailored services for every chimney type. Regular inspections and preventative measures form the core of our approach, identifying early signs of damage and addressing them promptly. For complete chimney rebuilds or specialized repairs, trust Armstrong Hearth & Home to deliver exceptional service and lasting results. Contact us at 1-603-627-7016 or 1-617-651-1937 to schedule an appointment or learn more about our Chimney Repair and Lining Services.

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    Chimney Damper Repair

    Experience Smooth and Efficient Chimney Operation with Armstrong Hearth & Home's Damper Repair Services. Are you struggling with a stuck or outdated chimney damper in New Hampshire or Massachusetts? Moisture, especially prevalent in the New England climate, can cause rust and accelerate the deterioration of damper assemblies. At Armstrong Hearth & Home, we provide expert solutions to these common yet critical issues.

    Our skilled technicians specialize in meticulously repairing your current damper or seamlessly installing a new, high-quality damper, ensuring your chimney functions optimally. With our comprehensive damper repair and replacement services, we focus on enhancing the efficiency of your chimney, preventing heat loss, and improving indoor air quality.

    Don't let a faulty damper compromise your home's comfort and safety. Trust the experts at Armstrong Hearth & Home for reliable chimney damper repair and installation in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Contact us today for a consultation and enjoy a fully functional, efficient chimney system.

    Chimney Crown Repair

    Secure Your Home Against Moisture with Expert Chimney Crown Repair from Armstrong Hearth & Home. The chimney crown, the uppermost part of your chimney, is crucial in protecting your home from moisture infiltration, a common issue in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. When moisture penetrates the crown, it can lead to accumulation in the chimney chase area, causing potential damage to your chimney walls.

    At Armstrong, we understand the significance of a well-maintained chimney crown. Whether your chimney crown is deteriorated, cracked, or improperly constructed, our team is equipped to provide top-tier repair services. We specialize in sealing chimney crowns and, when necessary, completely rebuilding them to ensure your chimney's integrity.

    Utilizing CrownCoat, a state-of-the-art, fast-setting elastomeric coating, we create a flexible, waterproof membrane over your chimney crown. This innovative solution is specially designed to repair and safeguard your chimney crown against water intrusion. By covering the entire crown and filling existing cracks, CrownCoat effectively prevents further damage, ensuring a long-lasting protective barrier.

    For cases of extreme damage, our skilled professionals are ready to rebuild your chimney crown from scratch, ensuring it stands up to the harsh New England weather. Don't let a compromised chimney crown put your home at risk. Rely on Armstrong Hearth & Home for comprehensive chimney crown repair and protection services in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Contact us for a detailed inspection and tailored solution to keep your chimney in prime condition.

    Chimney Caps and Mortar Joint Repointing

    Uncapped, your chimney presents a hole in your roof. This allows rain and snow to enter your chimney flue, potentially damaging attached heating appliance connections or metal fireplaces and dampers. An uncapped opening also can allow birds, rodents, and other animals to make a home inside your home or chimney. We install stainless steel and copper chimney caps and can custom-build a cap to any size chimney. Our stainless steel chimney caps come with a lifetime warranty. 

    We can repoint failed mortar joints that have deteriorated over time. We grind out failed mortar joints and tuck point to restore masonry. 

    Chimney Water Repellent

    Preserve Your Chimney’s Integrity with Armstrong’s Advanced Chimney Water Repellent Services. In the variable climates of New Hampshire and Massachusetts, protecting your exterior chimney bricks from moisture is crucial to avoid expensive repairs down the line. Armstrong Hearth & Home offers a superior solution with ChimneySaver Water Repellent, an innovative and environmentally friendly product.

    ChimneySaver Water Repellent, with its advanced, VOC-compliant formula, features a proprietary modified siloxane. This cutting-edge water-based siloxane is designed to deeply penetrate masonry, reaching up to 1/4 inch or more, adapting to the surface's porosity and moisture content at the time of application. What sets ChimneySaver apart is its unique reaction process with the minerals in the masonry. Under the influence of ultraviolet light and atmospheric moisture, it forms strong, permanent bonds beneath the surface.

    This reaction not only creates a durable hydrophobic zone that repels water molecules but also maintains the masonry’s breathability, allowing water vapors to escape freely. This dual action of protection and breathability is essential for the longevity and health of your chimney, ensuring it remains dry and intact through the seasons.

    Investing in Armstrong’s Chimney Water Repellent service is an investment in your home’s future. Prevent water damage and maintain the structural integrity of your chimney with the professional application of ChimneySaver Water Repellent. Serving homes across New Hampshire and Massachusetts, Armstrong Hearth & Home is your trusted partner for comprehensive chimney care and protection. Contact us today to safeguard your chimney against the elements with our expert water repellent services.

    Chimney Flashing Sealing

    Ensure a Leak-Free Home with Professional Chimney Flashing Sealing from Armstrong Hearth & Home. Properly functioning flashing is critical in preventing moisture and water intrusion at the point where your chimney meets the roof. This is especially important in the varied climates of New Hampshire and Massachusetts, where weather conditions can rapidly change. At Armstrong, we specialize in expertly resealing and, when necessary, rebuilding chimney flashing to maintain your home's integrity.

    To achieve the best results in sealing chimney flashing, we use FlashSeal, a superior elastomeric sealant renowned for its permanent adhesion to a variety of materials including asphalt shingles, aluminum flashing, brick, and other chimney and roofing materials. FlashSeal's unique formula is specifically designed to stop leaks around the base of chimneys, stacks, and vents, as well as around skylights, providing a comprehensive solution to common leakage problems.

    Not only does FlashSeal effectively repair flashings that have been tarred, re-tarred, or cracked, but it also offers long-term protection against future leaks. By choosing Armstrong Hearth & Home for your chimney flashing sealing needs, you are opting for a solution that not only addresses current issues but also prevents potential problems, ensuring the longevity and safety of your chimney and roof.

    Serving homeowners throughout New Hampshire and Massachusetts, Armstrong Hearth & Home is your go-to expert for chimney flashing sealing. Don't let a faulty flashing compromise the safety and comfort of your home. Contact us today for a thorough inspection and professional flashing sealing services, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a well-protected home

    Stainless Steel Chimney Liners

    Upgrade Your Chimney’s Safety and Efficiency with Armstrong’s Premium Stainless Steel Liners. Relining your chimney is not just a cost-effective solution; it's a vital step in restoring and ensuring the safe operation of a damaged, deteriorated, or older masonry chimney. With Armstrong Hearth & Home, gain the assurance that your chimney is fit for continued use, thanks to our high-quality titanium blend stainless steel chimney liners. These liners not only protect the inside of your chimney but also come with a lifetime warranty, subject to annual inspections, providing you long-term peace of mind.

    Many homes in New Hampshire and Massachusetts feature older clay-lined chimneys, which are particularly vulnerable to accelerated deterioration due to modern heating appliances. Whether your chimney never had a liner or the existing one is compromised, our stainless steel liners are essential for proper and safe chimney operation. Age, moisture, and regular wear and tear can lead to serious issues in both lined and unlined chimneys, including cracking and collapsing. Additionally, modern gas and oil-fired appliances require a properly sized liner to function efficiently and safely.

    Beyond natural aging, external factors like chimney fires, lightning strikes, and even falling trees can severely damage fragile tile liners. Regular chimney inspections are key to identifying early signs of wear and tear, allowing for timely preventive measures. This is where Armstrong's expertise becomes invaluable. Our team specializes not only in installing top-grade stainless steel liners but also in comprehensive chimney servicing. Should your chimney require more extensive work, we are fully equipped to undertake a full chimney rebuild.

    Don't wait for small issues to become major problems. Contact Armstrong Hearth & Home at 1-603-627-7016 or 1-617-651-1937 to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our Chimney Repair and Lining Services. Ensure your chimney's longevity and safety with Armstrong’s expert care in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

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    Chimney Repairs and Lining

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