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Serving New Hampshire and Massachusetts

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    Stove Installation and Services

    Would you like the beauty of a fire without the hassle? Are you looking to reduce your home’s heating costs? Are you tired of sending your heat up a rarely used fireplace chimney? A fireplace insert or stove can provide the ambience and comfort of a fire, while delivering energy savings.

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    Expert fireplace and stove installations

    Armstrong Hearth & Home offers a number of wood, pellet, and gas-fired fireplaces and stoves. We have technicians who are skilled in each type of fireplace and stove installation. We install and service every product that we sell. Our work is never subcontracted, like some other fireplace and stove shops. Don’t have a chimney? We can usually provide a solution for this.

    We have the knowledge and experience to help you choose the right fireplace or stove to fit your home — and to ensure it is installed correctly. With Armstrong Hearth & Home, you can sit back and enjoy your new wood, pellet, or gas-fired fireplace or stove, confident that it is operating as it was designed.

    Contact Armstrong Hearth & Home or call us at 1-603-627-7016 or 1-617-651-1937 to make an appointment or learn more about our Fireplace and Stove Installation and Service.

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    Stove Installation and Services

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